Why should i invest in 0g soccer trainer?

Top 5 reasons to train with the Zero G Soccer Trainer:

  1. Encourages practice by eliminating boredom. Eliminates boredom by allowing the player to increase/decrease level of difficulty to match skill level. As your soccer player's skill increases, so does difficulty level. The beauty of this is it provides instant positive feedback to the soccer player, which increases willingness to practice. By tailoring the difficulty level to the skill level, the player feels challenged, but not so challenged they feel like a failure.
  2. More ball touches = stronger playerThis soccer trainer allows you to practice rain or shine, indoors or out. All year long. 
  3. *Bilateral Development.  Being too dependent on one's stronger foot is a major weakness for many players. It compromises plays requiring your soccer player to make use of their weaker foot, such as a last gasp clearance or shooting chance. Elite soccer players do it all with either foot.  
  4. *Proprioception training reduces ACL injuries. Furthermore, The ability to control feet without looking at them is key to success on the field. It's difficult to begin dribbling a soccer ball with your eyes closed or juggle on a single leg freestyle, but with the trainer it's both possible and beneficial. 
  5. Increases core strength. Every powerful movement initiates from the core. Sit-ups or crunches insufficiently develop the 29 muscles making up your player's core, and what kid wants to do crunches anyway? Make it fun with Zero G.

Could you accomplish all of this without the Zero G Soccer trainer? Yes, but it requires a level of time, commitment and dedication most youth players lack (not to mention most adults lack). The cost of a Zero G Trainer is a small investment in your youth soccer player, offering huge returns both on and off the field.