The secret to helping your child win over their coach, teammates & parents on the sidelines.


Thousands of parents of soccer players could give this priceless gift...
but never discover it!


Why does my child need this?

It's all about the touch. 'Bout the touch.


All the great Coaches agree. A strong 1st touch is a game changer.

Your child may never be the biggest or the fastest, but a strong touch outdoes size and speed.

To master 1st touch, your child needs A LOT of time with the ball. Way more than one player can get during team practices.

The Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer is your child’s 24 hour Coach and opponent.

It allows your child to adjust the speed of the ball to meet them where they are. In doing so, they acheive small, immediate wins.

Wins that build confidence and encourage more practice. And more touches.

To develop 1st touch, your child will use the Touch Trainer to practice juggling and reacting to the ball. With both feet.

Once they’ve made headway on their Touch Trainer, they'll practice with a free moving ball. Against a wall or with a partner.

Bing. Bang. Boom. 30 days later your more confident child is winning games with a strong 1st touch.


Imagine how excited your child will be.


How It Works

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Before Zero G

x Low self esteem. High level of frustration.

x Weak foot.

x Poor dribbling skills.

x Minimal playing time during practice.

x Game Day Anxiety.

After Zero G

Small, immediate wins to build confidence.

Strong 1st touch with both feet.

Juggle and react to live ball.

Far more touches than they could ever get at practice.

Game Day Excitement.


What's In The Box

When you buy directly from us:


☆Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer.
An indoor/outdoor hands free soccer touch trainer that dramatically improves first touch, dribbling, and juggling skills.

Advanced Training Library
Receive immediate access to our Advanced Training Video Library. 20+ drills demonstrated by a professional soccer coach of a Premeir Soccer League.

FREE Replacement Parts!
Buy direct from us and receive FREE replacement parts with FREE SHIPPING in the contintental US. For the original buyer when you buy direct from us. Your trainer will outlast your child's time on the field.

This exclusive offer is only available when you who buy direct from us. We appreciate your business and return the favor by going above and beyond to support you and your soccer player!


The Bad Reviews


You're a savvy customer. I have no doubt you read the bad reviews. You're probably concerned the flexible joint might split.

It happens less than 3% of the time, but what if you're one of the 3%? We've gone above and beyond to address your concerns.

Buy directly from us and you'll get:

* A bonus flex joint shipped with your trainer. A $20 value.

* Free replacement flex joints plus FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. For the original buyer with proof of purchase.


The Good Reviews


I got this as a christmas gift for my daugther. She loves it. Has used it every day since.

The trainer does everything it advertises it does, but you must use good form for it to improve your game. There are much cheaper ways to do this, but this is by far one of the more fun ways of doing it.

I originally purchased this on Amazon. It came in a box twice the size of the trainer with no packaging to stop it from being bumped around, and with a broken part. When I contacted Amazon, their response was to ship the whole thing back and then they'll mail me a replacement. They didn't care I needed it in time for Christmas. I contacted 0g Soccer and they went above and beyond to help. Not only did they overnight a replacement part (to Canada!) so I could could put it under the tree, they also sent me multiple parts of varying tension to make it more challenging as my son improves. Had it not been for my experience with amazon I would have given it 5 stars.


*Master 1st and 2nd touches.

Gives youth players maximum touches. Indoors and out.

*Improved ball control.

Master control of the ball. With both feet.

*Play well with both feet

Reduces frustration to encourage practice with weak foot


See it in action


Get Ups with Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer

Seated behind the foot freestyle with Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer

Cryuffs with Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer

No Look Freestyle with Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer