0g Soccer Trainer Bundle

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0g soccer trainer clear water bottle.jpg

0g Soccer Trainer Bundle


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When the pressure is on, the ability to control the ball with your foot requires a lot of practice beginning at a very young age. Year round practice is a necessity. With the Zero G Soccer trainer, alter the speed of descent of the ball to appropriately challenge your player and allow for repetitive trials, independent skill development and more time with the ball. Provides year round practice indoors or out, As the player's skills develop, increase speed of descent to further challenge them.




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  • Maximizes time with the ball. Year round. Rain or shine.
  • Reduces frustration to encourage more practice. 
  • No need to waste time chasing the ball.
  • Patented flex joint provides feedback to the player if they're not properly striking the ball.
  • Improved ball control.
  • Develop ball handling skills required to juggle a soccer ball.
  • Develop weaker foot.
  • Awareness of where the player's body is in space and how much their muscles should react to different inputs
  • Motor development through eye-foot coordination
  • Bilateral coordination 
  • Balance and lower body proximal stability and weight shifting
  • Proprioceptive feedback from dribbling the ball

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  • If the trainer fails to function as designed, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will ship replacement part(s) at no cost to you. 99.9% of the problems can be resolved with a tweak to assembly.

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Videos depict earlier models of the trainer. The latest model is pictured above.  

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