Build skills and confidence with our
indoor/outdoor hands free soccer trainer

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How it works

* An indoor/outdoor hands free soccer trainer that dramatically improves first touch, dribbling, and juggling skills.

* Adjustable counterweight system slows the ball to match your child's skill level.

* Includes size 4 ball.

* As your child improves, the speed of the ball increases.

* Encourages more practice by reducing the frustration that demotivates young players.

* Makes learning fun.


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Customer Reviews

I got this as a christmas gift for my daugther. She loves it. Has used it every day since.

The trainer does everything it advertises it does, but you must use good form for it to improve your game. There are much cheaper ways to do this, but this is by far one of the more fun ways of doing it.

I originally purchased this on Amazon. It came in a box twice the size of the trainer with no packaging to stop it from being bumped around, and with a broken part. When I contacted Amazon, their response was to ship the whole thing back and then they'll mail me a replacement. They didn't care I needed it in time for Christmas. I contacted 0g Soccer and they went above and beyond to help. Not only did they overnight a replacement part (to Canada!) so I could could put it under the tree, they also sent me multiple parts of varying tension to make it more challenging as my son improves. Had it not been for my experience with amazon I would have given it 5 stars.

*Master 1st and 2nd touches.

Gives youth players maximum touches. Indoors and out.

*Improved ball control.

Master control of the ball. With both feet.

*Play well with both feet

Reduces frustration to encourage practice with weak foot