Soccer Drills with the Zero G Soccer Trainer

Check out 20+ fun and useful training videos for kids to practice at home with their 0g Trainer.

0g Trainer offers an intense cardio workout. Adjust the gravity setting between half and full, put some good music in your ears and experience the burn. 0g trainers keep you on the ball. Transitioning between feet and knees will ramp up your heart rate. A 200 pound person should expect to burn between 620-640 calories per hour on the 0g trainer. You should consult your doctor before engaging in any new physical activity.

What makes this workout with music unique is the athlete no longer hears the contact with the ball. We call it SCT or "Sensory Cross Training". The advantage to SCT is an enhanced "feel" for the ball, the strike area, and the muscle memory based on feel. The athlete cannot hear the different tones associated with strike force, therefore elevating the sense of sight to collaborate with sense of touch.

The 0g trainer's advantage over other cardio equipment is it's also very portable. The base is fitted with a convenient handle for easy transport. Indoors or out, College athletes and those confined to small spaces will enjoy the 0g trainer year round.