Top 5 - Things to bring to the soccer field

Clocks have sprung forward in preparation of Winter's demise. One glance at your facebook feed tells you everyone is on board with putting winter to bed for 2015.  Despite the cold temps, and snow covered grounds,  Ice Cream shops have opened, motorcycles are on the road, and spring soccer is upon us!  To help bring your soccer mojo out of hibernation, here is our Top 5 Product list for the 2015 soccer season.


1.  Zero G Soccer trainer. Forgive me for tooting our horn, but, well, how could i not..

  • Problem: Drills to develop the weaker foot are necessary to improve your game.  Kids give up out of frustration.
  • Solution:  This soccer trainer eliminates the frustration by allowing your player to increase/decrease speed of descent to match their abilities.  Use it in home, or on the field, to master foot control and improve your player's game. #buynow 
  • Fine Print: My kids tell me I use hash tags incorrectly. When they learn how to clean up after themselves, I'll learn how to use hash tags #NeverGoingToHappen.

2. PUGG 6ft Soccer Goal

  • Problem: Sometimes you need a soccer net up and sometimes you need it down. Quickly. Who wants to waste time putting stakes in the ground, tying this and tying that? Not me. 
  • Solution: The Popup PUGG Soccer goal.  Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy to travel with. Did I mention it was easy? 
  • Fine print: Ideal for youth players.  Big kids may need a bigger net. 

3. Bonza Sport Gear Bag and Seat

  • Problem: Forgetful kids resulting in lost or forgotten equipment necessary for game day.  
  • Solution: Bonzo Sport provides cleverly designed storage AND seating in one. Eliminate your trips to the car for the forgotten equipment, and take a seat!   
  • Fine Print:  Children may forget to bring the bag. You've been warned.

4. SKLZ Star-Kick Soccer trainer

  • Problem: Kids give up on juggling because they're tired of chasing the ball.
  • Solution: Tie the ball around your waist using the SKLZ Star-kick soccer trainer. Simple and smart.
  • Fine print: Build a strong foundation with Zero G, then introduce this trainer when they've mastered the basics of juggling, but not quite ready to ride without training wheels. 

5. Kwik Goal 6-Seat Kwik Bench

  • Problem: April Showers bring may flowers, and damp soccer fields. Who wants to sit in the mud?
  • Solution: Keep your bottoms clean with the kwik goal 6 seat kwik bench. Portable, sturdy, comfy. What more could you ask for?
  • Fine Print: Could also be used as a nice little napping spot for an overworked soccer Mom, but don't let the Coach catch you. #frownedupon