The secret to helping your child get really good at soccer. And become the player coaches & teammates love.


I was a nobody, until I got on the soccer field.

It was my 3rd first day at a new school that year.

I was an insecure 11 year old wearing hand-me-down floods with an outgoing little sister who made being the new kid look easy.

I knew by now a move wasn't a chance to have double the friends. Not for me, anyway.

The cafeteria was the combat zone. I was the chump boys targeted to make a rep for themselves.

I quickly learned how to take a punch & throw a punch.

I knew it would be ok, if they could just see me on the soccer field.

After every move, my mom begged the coach to let me on the team.

Sometimes it worked. Other times, I was a nobody until the next soccer season.

Fast forward a few decades, and I'm a Dad insisting my kids play soccer.

Wanting to give my kids the skills that helped me survive being the new kid.

My son wasn't a natural on the soccer field.

I tried to teach him. The more I taught, the more he fought.

Against my wife's better judgement, I volunteered to be an assitant coach. Thinking I could help.

My wife was right. I just made it worse. (My wife is typing this. She just had to put this line in bold.)

She suggested a different approach.

Curate good content and training equipment. Offer it up and let him do with it as he wished.

It worked. He studied youtube videos, practiced against a wall, and trained in his room.

He got thousands of touches a week. Way more than when I was trying to teach him.

He was never the best on the team, but his confidence grew and he got good enough.

Good enough to feel like he belonged.


Imagine how excited your child will be.


How It Works

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What's In The Box

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☆Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer.
An indoor/outdoor hands free soccer touch trainer that dramatically improves first touch, dribbling, and juggling skills.

Advanced Training Library
Receive immediate access to our Advanced Training Video Library. 20+ drills demonstrated by a professional soccer coach of a Premeir Soccer League.

Deck of 52 Drills
This 52 card deck of drills turns ordinary practice into a fun game your child will want to play over and over.

FREE Replacement Parts!
Buy direct from us and receive FREE replacement parts. For the original buyer when you buy direct from us.

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Watching your child push theirself further than they ever thought possible is incredibly rewarding.


The Bad Reviews

Oh my word. Have you seen the negative reviews on Amazon? It's like a roast minus the comedy.

On occasion, assembly can be tricky. But doable. If you reach out to us, we can help circumvent any challenges you face.

Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to help the customers on Amazon who left bad reviews. A downside of it being sold by Amazon.

9 out of 10 times, problems are solved with a single email exchange or a single replacement part being shipped out.

As for the quality of the product, with so many products being made in China, I can see why some falsely assume our product is as well.

The Zero G Soccer Touch Trainer is made in Maine with locally sourced materials.

Each trainer is assembled and boxed by my husband's hands and the hands of my children.

In our temperature controlled 3 car garage, leaving no room for cars.

I get a lil whiny about this on frigid mornings, but then my husband reminds me of the time I said no to a remote car starter and I zip it.

The critics are right about the base. It is in fact a modified 3 gallon water jug. Clever, no?

Finally, they're also right about the patented flexible joint being made out of rubber. We need it to flex and rubber seemed like a good choice.

Next time, we'll try bamboo.

Oh, and the 3 part pole is made out of aluminum. They don't like that either. I had no idea people felt so strongly about aluminum and rubber.

They must own a large number of shares in plastic stocks.

If they're horrified by the current design, they should've seen our 1st prototype - a bucket with a ball duct taped to a mop.

Check it out on the "About" page.

When given the chance, we stand behind our product and offer unmatched customer service when you buy direct from us.


The Good Reviews

I got this as a christmas gift for my daugther. She loves it. Has used it every day since.

The trainer does everything it advertises it does, but you must use good form for it to improve your game. There are much cheaper ways to do this, but this is by far one of the more fun ways of doing it.

I originally purchased this on Amazon. It came in a box twice the size of the trainer with no packaging to stop it from being bumped around, and with a broken part. When I contacted Amazon, their response was to ship the whole thing back and then they'll mail me a replacement. They didn't care I needed it in time for Christmas. I contacted 0g Soccer and they went above and beyond to help. Not only did they overnight a replacement part (to Canada!) so I could could put it under the tree, they also sent me multiple parts of varying tension to make it more challenging as my son improves. Had it not been for my experience with amazon I would have given it 5 stars.


Thousands of parents of soccer players could give this priceless gift...
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