Here's a video where Seacoast Untied Club players show you a few of the ways to use soccer's most innovative training tool.

In the history of Soccer training equipment, there has never been an in home training aid that can improve a beginner youth players skills as dramatically, until now. Thousands of kids are having fun and feeling more confident with every touch of the ball. 0g® Soccer’s patented joint and  counterweight system allows for exact matching of skill level with success during training and development. Within the first 2 minutes, a youth player as young as 4 years old will start to develop rhythm and balance while easily using both feet. The trainer was intentionally designed to build confidence through controlled and engaged repetition in a fun and challenging way. The 0g®’s ball moves in all directions and can be seen in action by looking through any of our Videos.  In a very short period of time the large muscle groups of the legs and core will develop fine motor skills. The trainer utilizes a water filled base and is easily transportable inside and outside the house. The counter weights and base pad are made from a durable rubber material that is gentle on any surface. With 3 coarse and 5 fine gravity adjustments, the trainer will adjust for any player, at any age, and any skill level in seconds.