8 Ways a 0g Soccer Trainer Ups Your Freestyle Soccer Game

If you're a freestyle soccer player, you know how difficult it can be to develop new moves and competitive routines. Freestyling takes agility, strength, speed, and seemingly endless amounts of creativity, and the 0g Soccer trainer can be a powerful tool in your freestyle training regimen.

Here's how you can use the 0g Soccer trainer to improve your freestyle soccer game.

1. Get that air

If you're tired of chasing after the ball when you're practicing air moves, then the 0g Soccer trainer will change your life. Because the ball is attached to the 0g Soccer trainer, you'll be able to master even the most complicated footwork without losing control of the ball. You'll spend a lot more time perfecting your moves and a lot less time fetching the ball.

2. Boost your stats

Every freestyler needs strength and agility, and the 0g Soccer trainer helps you boost your skills off the field so you'll perform better on the field. The 0g Soccer trainer is designed to build strength and agility through repetitive movements, and you'll begin to see improvements in just a few weeks of use.

3. Improve your ball sense

Ball sense is critical to a freestyle soccer player's success. The more you use the 0g Soccer trainer, the more you'll learn to play by feel instead of sound. You can boost your ball sense even more by cranking up the tunes while you're using the 0g Soccer trainer so your feet, not your ears, do the work.

4. Take a seat

When you're practicing new seated moves, it's especially difficult to keep control of the ball. That's where the 0g Soccer trainer comes in. Because it keeps the ball contained while you learn, it helps you develop new ground moves faster and with greater control.

5. Nail those tricks

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced pro, freestyle footwork is difficult to master. The 0g Soccer trainer helps newbies tackle moves like the around the world, crossover, or toe bounce, while also helping experienced freestyle players conquer difficult moves like the lemmens around the world or palle around the world.

6. Make it a combo

Once you've mastered a few moves, it's time to move on to combos. Learning how to combine moves without letting the ball juggle is difficult for even experienced soccer players, but the 0g Soccer trainer provides a repetitive approach to training that helps you master combos faster. Use the 0g Soccer trainer to practice your moves while you're watching TV or talking to friends and you'll improve your skills without even feeling like you're practicing.

7. Hit the road

The 0g Soccer trainer is lightweight and portable, and easily fits inside of most car trunks, so you can bring it to practice to get your coach's tips on how to use it best and share it with your teammates so they can improve, too. You can even bring it with you to competitions to make it easier to practice on the road.

8. It's cheaper than a private coach

Let's face it, not everyone can afford a 1:1 private soccer coach to help them improve their freestyle soccer moves. The 0g Soccer trainer is an inexpensive way to build on your skills at home (plus it won't yell at you when you make a mistake!), rain or shine.

How do you use your 0g Soccer trainer to up your freestyle soccer game? Share your tips with us, or tag #0gSoccer in your videos on social media.